Recognition, Redistribution and Popular Participation: Towards an Integrative Judicial Policy

The performance of the MPPE Racism WG was debated at a national event on Institutional Racism.

May 7th, 2018

A I Journey on Institutional Racism on Institutional Racism, organized by Criola and Fórum Justiça in partnership with the Public Defender's Office of Rio de Janeiro and the Escola Superior da Defensoria Foundation, featured the presentation of the work of Marinete Cavalcanti da Silva, social worker who researched the impact of the Pernambuco Public Prosecution Service WG Racism in the fight against discrimination.

This participation was highlighted in the last issue of GT Racism Journal, who published the note:

GT Racismo on the national event agenda

“The performance of the MPPE Racism WG was the subject of a panel given by the social worker Marinete Cavalcanti da Silva at the I National Day on Institutional Racism and the Justice System, held in Rio de Janeiro on 22 and 23 in March. The work, based on the course conclusion monograph presented to the Estácio do Recife University Center, shows a case study on the contribution of the WG in facing institutional racism within the MPPE.

“I learned from a teacher that the event was opening a selection of papers and academic papers and sent my course work. I was very happy with the choice and because I participated in the journey, it was the first opportunity I had to perform in public outside the college, ”said Marinete Cavalcanti da Silva.

The speaker stated that the creation of working groups has a relevant effect on strengthening the fight against racism within the institutions. “The choice of this work as one of the members of the Journey shows the repercussion of the actions of the MPPE Racism WG in the academy and social movements,” said the coordinator of the WG, Justice Prosecutor Maria Bernadete Azevedo.