Recognition, Redistribution and Popular Participation: Towards an Integrative Judicial Policy

Practice “Advocacy Goes Where the Poor People Are” in 2019

May 10th, 2019

The Public Defender's Office of Volta Redonda (DPU-VR) presents the agenda with the itinerant actions for the year of 2019, developed within the scope of the practice “The Defender Goes Where the Poor People Are”. The actions consist of relocating a DPU team to communities in the southern state of Rio de Janeiro and Costa Verde to provide full and free legal assistance to the most needy population, as well as promoting rights education.

Since 2016, the project has been carried out by the DPU nucleus in Volta Redonda (RJ), serving remnant traditional communities of quilombos, indigenous and caiçaras, as well as collectives of recyclable material collectors, homeless people and other groups of vulnerability in more than 10 municipalities of Sul Fluminense and Costa Verde.

By moving to the communities, the team has the opportunity to closely monitor the main difficulties faced by the population and draw a more complete diagnosis that allows them to think of efficient actions, especially out of court, to solve local demands.

In the search for these solutions, partnerships such as the one made with the Executive Agency of the National Institute of Social Security in Volta Redonda in the use of the INSS-Digital platform. This year, during the meetings carried out under the “Defensoria Goes Where the Poor People Are” Practice, members of the communities and collectives assisted may formalize the granting of benefits for the analysis of the social security authority, via DPU, without the need to scheduling.

Other partnership proposals and joint consultations with the Public Defender of the State of Rio de Janeiro (DP-RJ), the Fluminense Federal University (UFF), the Public Prosecution Service (MPT), and other institutions and organizations, public or civil society organizations have been shown to be essential to satisfactorily achieve project objectives.

In addition, the Practice aims at bringing communities and communities closer together, providing mutual strengthening through exchange of experiences in areas of common difficulty. It is with this intention that at the end of this year, as in previous editions, a public hearing will be held at DPU-VR headquarters, with the purpose of evaluating the actions and exchanging experiences and suggestions for the improvement of the works.

Below is the calendar with the actions planned for the year of 2019. The agenda is subject to change due to the feasibility of care and availability by both the DPU and the community served.

That this year we will be able to tighten our ties even further and make progress towards providing an even more effective public service for access to justice, a major mission of the Public Defender.

Federal Public Defender
DPU Chief Defender - VR
National Coordinator of the Working Group (WG) Waste Pickers
Practice Coordinator “DPU Goes Where the Poor People Are”