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Latin America: The Profit of Decriminalization of Abortion

August 20st, 2018

Latin America: The Profit of Decriminalization of Abortion

August 20st, 2018

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The decriminalization of abortion is at the center of the debate in Latin America, the root of the vote in Congress in Argentina. By little votes of difference, the Senate rejected the legalization of the abortion in the vecino country. How is the situation in other countries of the region in legal matters? How is it making money for you to access this stretch? A transnational collaborative investigation, led by Chicas Poderosas Argentina, presents a general overview of the situation in the region.

The results of the investigation allow us to conclude that the situation is varied in the region, with some extreme cases, such as El Salvador, where a natural abortion can even include a woman who is in prison, such as Cuba, where an abortion no restrictions. In Latin America, every day there are thousands of women who abort in an illegal way, threatening their lives.

Some relevant data:

In Argentina, it is estimated that even between 370 thousand and 522 thousand abortions

In Peru, 72% of women who practice abortion hacking in homies of unqualified personas

In Brazil, it is estimated that between 2000 and 2016 more than 4400 murieron women for causes related to abortion

In Paraguay there is no right to comprehensive sexuality education, and the materials that have a “gender perspective” are prohibited

In Guatemala, 65 Thousand Clandestine Abortions Performed Every Year

In the Dominican Republic abortion is totally illegal

In Uruguay, where abortion is legal, if you have more than one case in Latin America of death related to embarrassment

In Mexico, abortion for legal violations throughout the territory. In Mexico City, abortion is decriminalized this week 12, by volunteer free of charge

In Nicaragua, it is estimated that there are 47 thousand muertes a year for clandestine abortion

In Colombia, it is estimated that the occurrence of 404 a thousand abortions, of which only 322 acts will be legally performed

In Chile, but the mitigation of the minor personas of 20 has yet to have lived a embargo in the planned

In Ecuador, 49 of each 100 women who are maddened by their first time between 15 and 19 años

In Cuba, abortion is legal from 1965 and is free and free

In Bolivia, the 13% of women who suffer from miscarriage is due to poorly performed clandestine abortions.

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This collaborative study, led by Chicas Poderosas Argentina, presents the general overview of the legislation on abortion in Latin America and the profit of women by accessing this report.