Recognition, Redistribution and Popular Participation: Towards an Integrative Judicial Policy

Appel to Contributions “Accès à la justice dans les Amériques”

November 23th, 2019

A consortium of head coaches, public defenses, and activists working across the Americas on joint forces to pass on various points of their access to justice for vulnerable people. The innovative project is aimed at encouraging the development of debts which can be assisted in the face of the legal responsibilities of the institution with a large array of questions regarding the social and chronic problems of humanitarian crises in the Americas. We are deeply concerned with favoring an intercontinental debacle in order to improve my knowledge, experiences and strategies for the professionnel, militants, organizations, and chercheurs. This collaboration will contribute to the analysis of the advancements and boundaries of the current conceptions of the institutions, to the rapport of actions to the avant-garde, to the extension of the defenses of the person's problems, and to the proposition of the original solutions for a system of justice plus accessible. The missions are being examined by couples and, if they are not selected, by being published in the premiere of the free electronic 'Acces à la justice du les Amériques'.

Les Sujets:

He designs the contributions of professionnels, chercheurs, and militants who are therefore in a position or more:

  1. Models of legal action - historical, evolution and weak institutional channels for diff erent models of legal services organization and financing for the most vulnerable persons in the payrolls and regions of the Americas (eg legal certificates, community legal clinics and the Defense Publique);
  2. The cases of strategic litigation and plaintiffs in the maturity of the person's illustrating the forces, the sluggishness and the deficiencies of different models of justice;
  3. Institutional reforms, innovative institutional conceptions and propositions for effective access to justice for vulnerable populations and minorities (noirs, autochthonous immigrants, immigrants, women, lgbti +, among others) and for a democratic participation in the justice system;
  4. The relationship between the cultures of the person and the models of the justice;
  5. Access to justice in the Inter-American Système de Protection des Droits Humains;
  6. Legal pluralism and justice actions for the person in a vulnerable situation;
  7. Institutional policy and political relations between the institutions that go to the courts, the government and the civil society.

Renseignements sur la soumission:

Authors can choose between an admission or two steps. You may also have a summary only for the premiere échéance (31 decembre), so if you approve it, I have a complete particle for the second one (30 avril), so you may have a temmette for the first and the same pour la première échéance (31 décembre) in order to obtain a response plus the speed of the Academic Committee.

  1. The résumés doivent et résigés dans au moins deux langues parmi l'anglais, français, portugais or l'espagnol, in Times New Roman, with a police of character to 12 points and a simple interlanguage, in the 500 mots pass.
  2. The articles doivent are in English, French, Portuguese or Spanish in Times New Roman, with a character police officer at 12 points a double interligne and a match between 6 000 and 8 000 mots.
  3. The subsequent missions include the coordinates of the author, the biographie of the author (maximum of 200 motors for the author), the title, the resume and the article of the author. If you have already done a full article, you may have to go through the résumé for a reply plus a quick vote.
  4. The résumés and articles doivent include the name of mots.
  5. The photographs and graphs of the figure appearing on a separate page on the other page of the article and forward to the reference page.
  6. The photographs and graphical figures include a figure number, a description and a source.
  7. The manuscripts of the latter correspond to the date-auteur format of the APA Manuel of Style for citations and references. Instructions for lien suivant:
  8. The résumés and articles will be approved by the examination of pairs.
  9. Check soumission peut avoir jusqu'à quatre coauteurs.
  10. The résumés and articles doivent émisis in format Word uniquement in using the lien suivant:

Copyright Policy

Authors retain their author's documents and documents according to the Academic Committee's permission to publish articles with a license Attribution - Commercial Use 4.0 International The authors are responsible for the protection of the warnings of droit d'auteur and its fair use if necessary and for the individual through the publication. The Academic Committee is in charge of these actions or actions resulting from the commis- sion.


Première échéance for résumés: 31 decembre 2019

Reply to résumé soumission: 29 février 2020

Deuxième date limit for the complete admission of the article: 30 avril 2020

Publication of the free: december 2020


Do you sometimes ask questions for the Academic Committee, do you demand a single or do you have a prime premier response to your manuscript? If you want to use our courtroom:

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee is composed of the following institutions:

  • Recherche et l'Enseignement Center Economique du Mexique
  • Institut de Recherche et d'Etudes sur la Culture des Droits de la Personne, Mexique
  • Université Centrale de l'Équateur
  • University of Buenos Aires
  • University of Montreal
  • University of Sao Paulo
  • University of État of Rio de Janeiro
  • University of Ottawa
  • Chili University
  • Université Fédérale Fluminense
  • Université Nationale de Colombie


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