Recognition, Redistribution and Popular Participation: Towards an Integrative Judicial Policy

RENAP, 20 years of so many fights !!!

RENAP, 20 years of so many fights !!!

October 15th, 2015

The National Network of Popular Lawyers and Advocates-RENAP is a web, as its name implies, for the causes of social movements. An army of “Brancaleone”, each of which has its own history and, like the 60 movie, a portrait, a reflection of the underprivileged, facing this Justice System so full of rites, formalisms and distant from the people. . So, with this identity, built in different ways, we have the richness of fighters and popular causes.

I joined this “army” exactly ten years ago. At that time we celebrated the most enduring advocacy of the movement in our history. There in 2005, well marked by its beginning, the rural movements (CPT, MAB and MST), but already permeated by the other demands of the Brazilian population: housing, feminism, quilombola, indigenous, etc. And on this road, impelled by the fronts opened by the capital, RENAP also ended up being a space of intersection, solidarity and thinking of legal strategies for various other social struggles, such as socio-environmental, homophobia, child and adolescent, which were being added together. the already traditional guidelines of the Network.

The youngsters of the National Program of Education in Agrarian Reform - PRONERA represent well this moment of 20 years. Coming from the countryside, but without evading the confrontation of machismo, they defended LGBT guidelines and incorporated agroecology into their daily agenda. RENAP thus arrives in 2015, helping to bring together various struggles in building a more inclusive society.

Sometimes RENAP is advocacy, working with parliament or the media. Other times a space of legal formation, conducting courses, meetings and seminars. They have opportunities that act as a collective guiding the OAB, CNJ, CNMP or CONDEGE. Others a Network for the exchange of experiences, pieces and procedural strategies. Regardless of his character, he will also always be found in the occupations, in the streets, in the Forums, in the Courts and in the communities advocating for social transformation that confers rights to the most vulnerable and discriminated segments.

Thus, it brings together Orthodox communists, LGBT militants, radical environmentalists, June Day protesters, trade union leaders, feminists, members of social pastoral, social movement organics, anarchists, students of the legal counsel, left-wing activists, teachers ( University students… all under the banner of popular law. Long live RENAP !!!! Congratulations for these 20 years of so many fights !!!!

Rodrigo de Medeiros, 37, lawyer, member of RENAP and the National Commission for Access to Justice of the Federal Council of OAB.