Recognition, Redistribution and Popular Participation: Towards an Integrative Judicial Policy

Articulation Meeting Forum Justice discusses the direction of the project

Articulation Meeting Forum Justice discusses the direction of the project

13 May 2016

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Present: Adriana Britto, Maria Lucia Pontes, Roberta Fraenkel, Rosane Lavigne and Vinícius Alves.

The articulation analyzed the current conjuncture, evaluating that the justice system policy will be in focus, broadening the context of the demands for the Justice Forum, so that the material produced by the FJ can be used to dialogue with groups that are competing for the elections. in the institutions of this system and others outside it that seek to better understand it. In addition, continue with the articulation based on the three pillars that support the FJ: state agents, academic sectors and social movements and organizations. The FJ should remain a facilitating space for dialogue focused on judicial policy and institutional arrangements that drive action programs based on the democratization of the justice system. In this line, to continue the approach of the actors interested in this theme, especially those inserted in the justice system that seek to effect advances in democratization and resist eventual setbacks.

The commitment of the FJ to the development of three axes was reaffirmed: (i) Ibero-Latin America, with the campaign for the Regional Convention on Access to Justice and the Pact for the effectiveness of the 100 Rules of Brasilia; (ii) Diversity (indigenous issue, race, gender and LGBT); (iii) Communication. In this sense, the need for funding to carry out such activities was pointed out.

It was also pointed out that it would be time to establish alternation in the coordination of the FJ project, opening new possibilities for partnerships. As for the search for a receiving entity, the possibility of partnerships with state expressions of the Public Defender's Office was raised, as well as analyzing invitations already made from academic entities.