Recognition, Redistribution and Popular Participation: Towards an Integrative Judicial Policy

Meet the tables of the Democracy & Human Rights Seminar

26 of April of 2018

I Sem. Dem DH

The Justice Forum and the Institute for Research Rights and Social Movements - IPDMS, in partnership with UniRitter, makes public the call for papers for the Seminar “I Democracy and Human Rights Seminar”, to be held at UniRitter, Orfanotrófio Street, 555, Alto Teresópolis, Porto Alegre, on 07 and 08 June 2018.

Latin America and Brazil have been undergoing changes in governments, institutional disruptions and the implementation of restrictive rights policies. In contrast, popular movements, political minorities, discriminated segments, human rights organizations are beginning to articulate against social setbacks. The Seminar is a time for reflection and debate on this reality, open to undergraduate and graduate students, human rights activists and members of social movements.

June 07 Day- 19 Hours

The democracy needed for the realization of human rights and the challenges facing exceptional measures

Coordination of the Board: Renato Barcelos - Collective City We Want / CCQQ


Ana Inês LaTorre- Association of Judges for Democracy-AJD

Jair Krischke - Justice and Human Rights Movement (MJDH)

Roberta Baggio- UFRGS Professor

June 08 Day- 19 hours

The reality of the indigenous and quilombola peoples of Rio Grande do Sul

Coordination of the Board: Karen Santos- Collective Foundation


Douglas Kaigang- Kaingang Leadership, representative of the current state of Rio Grande do Sul on the National Council of Indian Policy / CNPI / MJ, member of the State Council of Indigenous Peoples as representative of their indigenous land.

Jorge Irajá Louro Sodré- Nucleus of Indigenous Communities, Minorities and Education / Federal Prosecution Service

UBirajara Toledo- Quilombos Remnant Communities Advisory Institute (IACOREQ-RS)

Participate and submit summaries in the working groups. Submission of papers until 06 May. More information: