Recognition, Redistribution and Popular Participation: Towards an Integrative Judicial Policy

Invitation to 1 FJ 2015 Seminar Preparatory Activity

August 11st, 2015

With pleasure, Justice Forum invites all interested parties to the 1 FJ 2015 Seminars Preparatory Activity which will take place on 2 and 3 December this year, at the Celso Melo Room of the University Law School of the State of Rio de Janeiro - UERJ, located at São Francisco Xavier Street, 524, 7 ° floor, Maracanã District, Rio de Janeiro.

This activity aims to discuss the scope of the 2015 Justice Forum Seminars, based on the exchange of institutional, academic and student experiences, movements and social organizations. It is the starting point for the collective construction of a project that contributes to the integrative judicial policy and the democratic functionality of the justice system.

DAY 1 (210.2014)

Taller Seminar “Latin American Judicial Policy from the Public Defender's Perspective”

09: 00 - Opening: Project History and Scope

10: 00 - Panel: Social Movements, State Agencies and Social Justice in the Ibero-American Space.

- Prof. Dr. Breno Bringel

Lecturer at the Institute of Social and Political Studies (IESP) of the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) and at the International Graduate Program in “Contemporary Studies of Latin America” at Complutense University of Madrid.

11: 00 - Range

11: 15 - Conversation Wheels. Subjects under discussion:

Strategic impact of the Public Defender's Office on the Continent: judicial policy, Ibero-American Judicial Summit and Organization of American States - OAS. Impulses for access to justice in Latin America: the normative organization of the regional model.

- Facilitators: Articulation Forum Justice, Inter-American Association of Public Defenders - AIDEF; Mercosur Official Public Defenders Block - BLODEPM, Public Ministry of the Defense of the Argentine Republic ePublic Defense of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela; National Association of Public Defenders - ANADEP; National Council of General Public Defenders - CONDEGE.

13: 30 - Presentation of Syntheses.

14: 00 - Closing Day One.

2 DAY (3Dec.2014)

Seminar “Justice Reform in Brazil: A Decade of Achievements and Challenges from a Latin American Perspective”

09: 00 - Opening: Project History and Scope

Conversation Wheels - Discussing Themes:

10: 00 - 1. Where are we at? - the programmatic backlog and organizational challenges of civil society

- Facilitators: Institute of Socio-Economic Studies - INESC, Justice and Human Rights Articulation - JusDh, Network of Popular Lawyers and Lawyers - RENAP.

11: 00 - 2. Justice Reform as a research field: interdisciplinary thematic and methodological approaches

- Facilitators: Human Rights, Judiciary and Society Research Group - DHPJS / UERJ; Gender, Democracy and Law Research Group / Human Rights Center - PUC / RJ; Justice Forum Study Group; Institute for Research, Rights and Social Movements - IPDMS.

12: 15 - Range

12: 30 - 3. Integrating Justice Model: Challenges for the Justice System

- Facilitators: Secretariat for Legislative Affairs / SAL / Ministry of Justice; Judges Association for Democracy; National School of Magistracy; Public ministry; Public defense; Court clerks; OAB

13: 30 - Overview of Summaries

14: 00 - Closure of the second day.