Recognition, Redistribution and Popular Participation: Towards an Integrative Judicial Policy

Debate: Civil Procedure and Human Rights & launch of the notice for InSURgência Magazine

October 2th, 2019


- Carolina Schröeder Alexandrino- Master General Theory of Jurisdiction and Procedure by PUC / RS
- Enrico Rodrigues de Freitas - Federal Prosecutor's Office for Citizen's Rights in the 4ª Region
- Luís Alberto Reichelt- Professor of the PPGD of Law of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUC / RS)
- Marcelo Dias- former president of the Romeu Samarani Association

October 15 Day, 17 hours, at the MPF4 Auditorium- Otavio Francisco Caruso da Rocha Street, 800, Belas Beach, Porto Alegre / RS

In this opportunity, the announcement for the InSURgência Magazine Dossier will be launched with the theme “Civil Procedure & Human Rights”. Articles in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French will be accepted. The dossier intends to cover the following themes:

- Land conflicts: the civil process as an instrument of enforcement or violation of rights to land, territory and housing;

- Identity law: the civil process as an instrument of enforcement or violation;

- Preservation of the environment: the civil process as an instrument of enforcement or violation;

- Social rights: how are they treated in the justice system?

- Public civil actions and popular actions and the effectiveness for building a more participatory and democratic society

- Procedural Law in times of emptying of Labor Rights.

InSURgência is a journal of rights and social movements (ISSN: 2447-6684), linked to the Institute for Research, Rights and Social Movements - IPDMS, aims to disseminate unpublished theoretical production concerning the theme "rights and social movements".

With the perspective of boosting the research activity developed with, by and for the social movements, mobilizing researchers from all over Brazil in several thematic areas, IPDMS proposes to create a publication, in the form of an international journal, that promotes theoretical productions that are committed to the construction of critical and liberating knowledge on the theme of rights and social movements, allowing the creative and engaged elaboration of analyzes and interpretations on the various issues that affect the Brazilian and Latin American people.

In the articulation for the launch of this dossier are involved the National Network of Popular Lawyers and Lawyers / RENAP and the Justice Forum / FJ. The Network is a decentralized, non-hierarchical and nationwide articulation. Its objective is to promote political-legal debate, provide legal advice to social movements and rescue the utopia of advocacy focused on the interest of popular causes. And the FJ presents itself as an open space for social organizations and movements, academic sectors, students, as well as public agents of the justice system and other actors who are interested in discussing justice as a public service. It is intended to stimulate the debate on judicial policy in Brazil, observing the Latin American Iberian context.




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