Recognition, Redistribution and Popular Participation: Towards an Integrative Judicial Policy

DPMG receives general ombudsmen from several Public Defenders

June 4th, 2018

By Ascom

Representatives of the National Ombudsman's Office of the Public Defenders were in the Public Defender's Office of the State of Minas, with the objective of mobilizing for the creation of DPMG's External Ombudsman.

The meeting took place on Monday (07 / 05) and was attended by Minas Gerais general public defender Christiane Neves Procópio Malard; the Institutional Advisor, Rômulo Luis Veloso de Carvalho; the secretary of the Superior Council, Galeno Gomes Siqueira, representing the body; the president of the National Council of Public Defenders Ombudsman, Vilma Reis; from several ombudsman-generals of the State and Federal District Defenders; in addition to the Justice Forum member, Elida Lauris.


Vilma Reis, the chairman of the Council, general ombudsman of the Bahia Public Defender's Office, said that the National Council's mobilization agenda, which includes a schedule of visits to the Ombudsman's Ombudsman, was initiated in Minas Gerais due to its importance, seniority and representation of the State Public Defender. Currently, 12 Defenders have an external ombudsman.

The general ombudsmen present explained how the civil society consultation process is taking place in their states, for the purposes of choosing the external ombudsman. They also highlighted the importance of creating and providing office for the strengthening of the Defenders. “The Ombudsman's Office grows with the Ombudsman's Office, which makes it possible to institutionalize dialogue and bring civil society into the Ombudsman's Office. The ombudsman, together with the public defender, works in defense of the user, contributing to the humanization and qualification of the service and also confers credibility to the institution ”, highlighted the ombudsmen.

The general public defender, Christiane Malard, stressed the importance for the Public Defender of Minas Gerais of the implementation of the Ombudsman, whose creation is included in the first bill authored by the state's general public defender.

Reported that the project was approved in December 2016, however, due to the prudential limit for state spending on servers established by the Fiscal Responsibility Law, the creation and provision of the position, which will happen with the economic balance. Minas Gerais financial and budgetary sector. He added that the debate on the topic has already passed through the Superior Council and that the execution of the Ombudsman's Office is an institutional goal.

Christiane Malard stressed the importance of the Ombudsman for DPMG. "I see that the Ombudsman helps the Ombudsman to fulfill his constitutional mission and is another important bridge between the institution and the population."

The Secretary of the Superior Council, Galeno Gomes Siqueira, emphasized the importance of the subject, which has already been debated by the Superior Council, where there is no resistance on the matter. "We have to build together an egalitarian model that values ​​the participation of civil society and the Ombudsman is the bridge between the institution and the population."

The Institutional Advisor, Rômulo Luis Veloso de Carvalho, for whom the implementation of the Ombudsman is essential, stressed that “all power must have popular legitimacy and, if there is no such bridge with society, one day, history will charge as the institution is placed in this sense and it will be called to rediscuss its drawing ”.

Also present at the meeting were external ombudsman: Merilane Coelho (DPE / PE); Gerson da Silva (DPE / PR); Rosicléia Costa (DPE / MA); Solemn of the Coast (DPE / AC); Lucio Andrade (DPE / MT); Patricia Pereira de Almeida (DP / DF); and Alderon Costa (DPE / SP).

After the meeting at DPMG, continuing the mobilization to create the institution's external ombudsman, the listeners met with representatives of collective and organized movements of Minas Gerais.

The activities were part of the 2ª ordinary meeting of the National Council of Ombudsmen of the Public Defenders held on 7 and 8, in Belo Horizonte.