Recognition, Redistribution and Popular Participation: Towards an Integrative Judicial Policy

In articulation with ANADEP, Justice Forum signs partnership to promote seminar on Democracy and Public Defender in Latin America

September 10th, 2018

State: DF

On Monday and Tuesday (3 and 4 / 9), the ANADEP Board of Directors attended meetings promoted by Inter-American Association of Public Defenders (AIDEF), in Santiago (Chile). The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the strengthening and integration of the Public Defenders and human rights issues.

Monday was reserved for the governing and executive council agendas. Among the points discussed were the Inter-American System of Human Rights and the Organization of American States (OAS), the continuing formation of Inter-American Public Defenders, and the analysis of judgments. given by the Inter-American Court. A new agreement was also approved with the HDI Court to hold an observatory on compliance with the decisions of the Court, whereby all judgments given will be listed. There will be an updated stage of compliance with each obligation imposed.

The group also looked back at the 40 years of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, which took place in July in San Jose (Costa Rica).

Another point raised was the preparation of the report of the General Coordination of the State of Progress of the AIDEF Strategic Plan, the Strategic Plan for the implementation of the modified 100 Brasilia Rules and the report on the “Parameters of Measurement of Public Defenses”, which will have ANADEP's collaboration.

The meetings were attended by ANADEP president Antonio Maffezoli; International Relations Director Adriana Burger; communication director Rivana Ricarte; the director of social articulation and president of ADPERJ, Juliana Lintz; in addition to the president of the National College of General Public Defenders (Condege), Marcus Edson de Lima; Rio de Janeiro's general public defender, André Castro; and Rio de Janeiro public defender Rosane Lavigne, representing the Justice Forum.

Interactive participation from Brazil

On the first day, at the time reserved for discussion on the topic concerning the Inter-American Public Defender's Office, the public defender of the state of Acre Rivana Ricarte, who is also an IPR, made a retrospective of the case of Poblete Vilche y otros v. Chile and the beginning of the enforcement phase. of the judgment of the case.

On the second day of the meeting, the Justice Forum signed a partnership with AIDEF for the promotion of the seminar “Democracy and Public Defender in the Latin American Context: An Analysis of the (and) Volution in the Present Historical Moment” to be held at 2019. The initiative, supported by ANADEP, aims to discuss the role of public defenders in Latin America, the implementation of the 100 rules of Brasilia, the role of the Public Defender in the justice system, the commitment to human rights in the area of democracy, among others. Rio de Janeiro's public defender and member of the Justice Forum, Rosane Lavigne, was responsible for giving the oral presentation of the initiative.

Finally, ANADEP's director of international relations, Adriana Burger, presented to the Inter-American Association a questionnaire that aims to map the actions of the Public Defenders of the entire American continent, beyond the criminal area. The document will be an innovative practice that will bring together knowledge and good practice and will also enable the exchange of information between AIDEF associate members.

AIDEF election

During the general meeting on Tuesday (4 / 9) the new members of AIDEF's Executive, Steering and Fiscal Committee were elected for the 2018 / 2020 biennium. The coordination of the Association will be with Nydia Lissette Arévalo Flores de Corzantes, from the Guatemalan Institute of Criminal Public Defender.

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