Recognition, Redistribution and Popular Participation: Towards an Integrative Judicial Policy

In defense of life, beekeeping denounces the use of pesticides in Rio Grande do Sul.

24 May 2019

Rodrigo de Medeiros Silva- lawyer, member of RENAP and the Justice Forum

The Articulation for the Preservation of Integrity of Beings and Biodiversity-APISBio participated in this 22 of May, two important steps to ensure the production of honey from Rio Grande do Sul and sustainable environment. This morning there was the launch of the Parliamentary Front of the Beekeeping and Meliponiculture of the Legislative Assembly and the protocol of representation to the Federal Prosecutor (MPF) on the death of bees in the municipality of Mata / RS. It is expected that the public power, through its institutions, can act, fulfilling its functions towards society.

The Parliamentary Front will be coordinated by State Representative Zé Nunes (PT) and had its launch at the Legislative Memorial of Rio Grande do Sul. In the Federal Prosecutor's Office, the Attorney of the Republic Nilo Camargo was represented by José Renato de Oliveira Barcelos, on behalf of APPISBIO. The document is an initiative of the Brazilian Association of Agroecology (ABA), Small Farmers Movement (MPA), the Justice and Human Rights Movement (MJDH), the Latin American Regional Secretariat of the International Union of Food and Agriculture Workers (Rel-IUF) , from the Gaúcha Association of Natural Environment Protection (AGAPAN), from the Friends of the Earth Brazil Nucleus (NAT-BRAZIL), from the National Agro-Ecological Cooperative Terra and Vida (CONATERRA), from the National Network of Popular Barriers and Lawyers (RENAP), from the Forum of Justice (FJ), Indigenous Missionary Council (CIMI), Collective the City We Want (CCQQ), Catharsis Collective (CATARSE), Working Group of Missionary Macroregion on the impacts of Pesticides (WG Pesticide Missions), Association of Beekeepers (APISMA), Local Productive Arrangement - Vale do Jaguari (APL Vale do Jaguari), Santiaguense Regional Association of Beekeepers (ARSA) and also researcher s and scientific collaborators. The document calls for the opening of a civil inquiry for further prosecution if the allegations are confirmed. There are 27 measurements requested, which will be reviewed first by the MPF.

The reproduction of bees is threatened in the state, as well as the health and environment, which are being affected by pesticides for a long time. The release of more toxic substances by the federal government only aggravates this situation. The agribusiness model is exhausted and a change of conception in the country's agricultural production is necessary, so that prioritizing food production, life and the environment, with respect to traditional knowledge and practices.