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Entities call for reparation to indigenous peoples for violations during dictatorship

10 December 2018

Entities call for reparation to indigenous peoples for violations during dictatorship

Source: Sul21
December 10th, 2018

Representation was handed over to the Citizen's Rights Attorney, MP Federal, in Porto Alegre. (Photo: Disclosure)

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Representatives of indigenous peoples and a group of entities filed, on Monday (10), with the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office of Citizen's Rights, a representation pointing to violations suffered by indigenous people in Rio Grande do Sul during the civil-military dictatorship. installed in Brazil after the coup that overthrew the constitutional government of João Goulart in 1964. Written by the National Network of Popular Attorneys and Lawyers (RENAP), the document consists of video files, photos and reports that illustrate how the indigenous were treated by the military in the state.

“Many conflicts extending to this day were created during the regime,” explains Rodrigo de Medeiros, a RENAP member lawyer. He cites as an example the beginning of intensification of logging in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul, in the 1960 decade, which resulted in the expulsion of indigenous communities from native territories. “In addition, many were subjected to forced labor - in a situation that today would be called analogous to slavery. They produced for the regime without receiving anything. There are still the dead and missing, apart from ethnocide because they were deprived of their religious practices, their culture and their language. ”

The delivery of the document marks International Human Rights Day, which also commemorates the 70 Years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. According to Medeiros, the prosecutor received the representation and pledged to open an inquiry to find out more facts and to draft a remedy. "This would be something unprecedented, which would benefit thousands of indigenous people throughout the state," says Medeiros.

Check out the full representation delivered to the MPF.