Recognition, Redistribution and Popular Participation: Towards an Integrative Judicial Policy

FJ-CE delivers the Maria Amélia Leite Human Rights Award

15 February, 2017

Justice Forum Award

The last edition of the Maria Amélia Leite de Human Rights Award took place on the last 03 of February. The Award is conferred by the Justice Forum in Ceará, articulation of popular organizations and movements, with members of the justice system institutions and universities, in favor of democratization and access to justice. The tribute has in view who carried out last year actions, activities that provided social participation, access to justice and / or the realization of human rights.

The awards ceremony took place in the auditorium of the Cáritas Brasileira Regional Ceará, in the Jardim América district. At the occasion there was a screening of the documentary: "Eleven: the biggest slaughter in the history of Ceará" and a debate with the "Mothers of Curió". The persons, institutions and entities honored were: Ceará State Public Defender, Ceará Public Defender General Ombudsman, Ceará State Public Prosecution Service, Labor Public Prosecution Service, Housing Studies Laboratory (LEHAB / UFC), Forum DCA, Ceará Negra Institute (Inegra), Grande Bom Jardim Integrated and Sustainable Local Development Network (DLIS Network), Carmo Diocesana de Limoeiro do Norte, Ceará on Climate, Cariri Women's Front, Fishermen's Movement and Artisanal Fishermen / MPP, Curió Mothers, Prison Pastoral, Collective Nigeria, Maria Aurila de Sousa Sales, Cacica Pequena, Sebastiana do Carmo Alves, João Alfredo Teles Melo and Quental Grace.

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