Recognition, Redistribution and Popular Participation: Towards an Integrative Judicial Policy

FJ officiates authorities on the Baroness Occupation and practices regarding repossession and guarantee of housing rights

June 28st, 2019

The Justice Forum in Rio Grande do Sul, based on the facts of the Baroness Occupation, issued letters on the morning of this June 26 to the President of the Court of Justice, the Attorney General, the Mayor of Porto Alegre / RS and the Director of the Municipal Housing Department (DEMHAB). The documents indicate allegations of non-compliance with the Interinstitutional Protocol to comply with the mandates for repossession in Collective Urban Conflicts, as well as the social right to housing (article 6º) and mediation to try to resolve the conflict. Also reminds that, if in the last case, the families really have to leave the property, which so far has no destination, the provisions of the Organic Law of the Municipality, which establishes to the Executive Power to relocate them in nearby area ( Article 208, I)