Recognition, Redistribution and Popular Participation: Towards an Integrative Judicial Policy

Justice and Anadep Forum prepare launch of International Seminar on Democracy and Public Defender in Latin America

20 February, 2019

On February 12, the Justice Forum, represented by public defender and articulator Rosane Reis Lavigne, met with Antonio Maffezoli, president of the National Association of Public Defenders - ANADEP and Rivana Ricarte, Communication Director of the same entity, with the purpose of organizing the preparation activities for the seminar “Democracy and Public Defender in the Latin American Context: an analysis of e (in) evolution in the current historical context”.

The seminar is an initiative of the Justice Forum Ibero-American Working Group (GT ILA-FJ), in partnership with the Inter-American Association of Public Defenders (AIDEF), ANADEP and with the support of researchers from the Human Rights Research and Education Center from the University of Ottawa. Its main objective is to bring together researchers, civil society organizations and representatives of the Public Defender's Office in Latin America to reflect on the threats to democracy in the current regional context for the consolidation of a political-judicial framework for the defense of human rights in the region against institutional violence.

For this, among other suggestions, the proposal of the meeting bets on general frameworks of institutional partnership and Public Defender's cooperation with civil entities and human rights organizations. This articulation is seen as fundamental for the promotion of synergy and efficiency gains in protecting the right to manifest and defending the collective rights of vulnerable populations, in addition to the urgent need to protect the lives of activists.

The first prior activity will take place in Washington on April 3 and 4, at the meeting of the AIDEF Executive and Executive Board, when the date of the event will be set, which is indicative of 8 and 9 August 2019. , in the city of Rio de Janeiro, and dissemination actions.