Recognition, Redistribution and Popular Participation: Towards an Integrative Judicial Policy

II Talk Wheel on the “Grilagem Law”

June 28st, 2018


The Justice Forum, along with other social organizations, organizations and movements, held the second round of talk about the 13.465 / 2017 Law, the so-called Grilagem Law. The debate took place on the afternoon of the last 26 of June.

Environmentalists, quilombos, members of organizations in the struggle for housing, Indigenous and supportive organizations and Landless met at COCEARGS in Porto Alegre-RS to discuss the issue. It was agreed that in the second semester there will be a meeting with the impacted sectors.

The conversation was an initiative of the Justice Forum, CIMI, FLD, MST, Iacoreq, Institute Preserve, MAB, Sow, Saju of UFRGS, RENAP, GEPIES and FONSANPOTMA, with the support of CNBB.