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Global Justice denounces threats to members of Campaign React or Will Be Killed, React or Will Be Killed by Bahia Military Police

June 26st, 2015

via Global Justice

A Global Justice formalized denounces to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the Organization of American States (OAS) about the constant threats, attempts to intimidate and persecution of members of the Campaign React or Get Dead, React or Get Dead made by military police officers from Bahia. The situation intensified after the Cabula Slaughter, when the Reaja Campaign denounced that the 13 youths killed did not clash with the police, but were executed, as later shown in the necroscopic reports and in an inquiry by the Bahia Public Prosecutor. With the visibility of the case, police officers have constantly threatened Campaign members, especially the movement's coordinator Hamilton Borges. Military Police of the Special Rounds (Rondesp) posted on the Reaja page on a social network an image with campaign symbols with the phrase “React e Will Be Dead, React e It will be Dead, ”with the corporation logo. They also sent messages via whatsapp to intimidate Hamilton.

In the second week of June, when the court decided to comply with the prosecution's complaint seeking the indictment of nine involved in the slaughter, a police car began to watch the street where Hamilton lives. The car came to be parked a few days in front of the residence of the human rights defender, where PMs searched and even beat neighborhood residents.

This same week other members of the Campaign were threatened, with constant blitzes made by Bahia's civil and military police in the Ironing Company, Cabula, especially near where the families of the murdered young people who live in the Reaja Campaign live.

This is not the only case of persecution of people following the case, journalists covering the Cabula Slaughter and the execution of Geovane Mascarenhas de Santana, 22 years old in Salvador, on 2 August 2014, also suffered intimidation, such as has denounced the Union of Journalists of Bahia.

Global Justice, a partner of Quilombo X and Reaja Campaign, in the Cabula complaints, requested the OAS to follow up on the developments in the Cabula Slaughter process and the death threats to members of the React Campaign. And that the Government of Bahia adopt measures to cease human rights violations and threats to members of the React Campaign, especially Hamilton Borges.