Recognition, Redistribution and Popular Participation: Towards an Integrative Judicial Policy

Justice Forum participates in preparatory meeting for the launch of APISBIO

January 31 of 2019

On the afternoon of January 25, at the Federal Superintendence of Agriculture in Porto Alegre / RS, there was a preparatory meeting for the launch of the Articulation for the Preservation of the Integrity of Beings / APISBIO, which aims to protect bees, due to their environmental importance and by even be subject, in various perspectives, of relevance to the balance of life. Present were environmentalists, universities, popular lawyers, researchers, associations in defense of human rights, communication collective, social movements, among others.

Besides the launch of the Articulation, the first actions were discussed, of which there are already social demands, such as the elaboration of pedagogical, informative materials, seminars and complaints to public agencies. The Justice Forum participates in this construction, given the role of the institutions of the justice system in guaranteeing social and environmental rights. There will be other work meetings, also seeking to add more actors, until the launch is scheduled.