Recognition, Redistribution and Popular Participation: Towards an Integrative Judicial Policy


November 28th, 2016

November 23 by 2016

As a collective of Colombianxs for Peace - Rio de Janeiro, we express our concern for the critical situation of Human Rights and the life and integrity of leaders and social leaders in Colombia. We forcefully reject the occurrences during the past week against some members of the Social and Political Movement Patriotic March; as well as the recent violation of this situation that I produce from the members of the FARC-EP (a man and a woman) in the Bolivar Sur. In the same way, we repudiate the violent eviction of Campamento la Paz in Bogota.

Colombianxs for Peace - Rio de Janeiro represents a network of independent Colombian and Colombian working groups and migrants, which seeks to support and accompany from the outside the refreshment and implementation of the agreement between the national government and the FARC-EP, and especially the peacebuilding efforts of the organizations and popular social movements in Colombia. The Patriotic March has been part of the collectives that make up this network, as we have been firmly in solidarity during the current political situation.

We repudiate the signatures of the peasant leaders Erley Monroy (Caquetá), Didier Losada Barreto (Caquetá), Rodrigo Cabrera (Nariño), John Rodríguez (Cauca) and José Velásquez (Cauca). Asimism of the attacks on Danilo Bolaños (Nariño) and Hugo Cuellar (Meta), and the disappearance of the student leader Hannier Hurtado (Valle) there have been more than 15 days. These times have been part of a broader pattern of hostility and violence against militants of the Patriotic March, in which: 124 of their members have been assesinated during the last four years.

We regret and reject the recent violation of this situation in the Bolivar surfer that caused the change of the guerrillas, which reiterates the urgent need for the final refreshment and implementation.

In the same way we repudiate the violent eviction of the Camp for Peace located in the Plaza de Bolívar in Bogotá, as well as the dismantling of the camp for peace in Montería, by warlike threats directed against its Patriotic March militant, Elena Rodriguez Market. These camps represent peaceful demonstrations in support of the implementation of the peace agreements and the need for state protection and city solidarity.

Armed conflict in Colombia has led to millions of signatures of trade unionists, human rights defenders, women, LGBTI population, and leaders of indigenous communities, Afro-descendants and peasants. The mitigations, hostilities, and forced depletion, as part of the strategies of this war, and as a customary practice of exterminating differentiation and opposition, continue to affect the most vulnerable social and popular sectors.

It is worrying about the systematic violation of the political participation of social sectors that opposes the status quo. The genocide of the Patriotic Union is an important historical reference in this sense, which we cannot allow again.

Violence follows the fundamental strategy for infusing media between society and preventing the construction of a distinct country that is at the center of the reparation and satisfaction of the casualties, the respect for diversity and the expansion of democracy. This conflict benefits the interests of various actors, such as those who are involved in paramilitarism, a phenomenon that represents the main amenity for stable and lasting peace, social justice, and guarantees of repetition.

This is precisely the moment for the national government to reaffirm its volunteer for peace and to behave at the height of events, demonstrating its ability to provide security and political participation for all Colombians across the country and across the national territory. .

In this sense we demand the Gobierno:

- Accelerating judicial investigations to clarify the ways, actors and circumstances in which 124 Patriotic March activists have been assigned during the last four years.

- Protect and foster respect for the Human Rights of all Colombian populations.

- Foster the culture of respect and appreciation of the work that the human rights defenders and social leaders carry out, without stigmatizing the criminalization of social protest.

- Implement YA on the 3 end point, which includes the creation of a Comprehensive Security System for Policy Practice.

- Take the necessary measures to dismantle the paramilitary structures that have eased the implementation of the final outcome and peacebuilding.

- Addressing the dilemmas of the casualties and the social sectors and advancing the final and definitive refreshment achieved by the FARC-EP, through the available constitutional arrangements.

The Colombian Collective for Peace - Rio de Janeiro will continue to strengthen solidarity networks that help to surround and support the refreshment and implementation of the rights internationally, as well as the construction of peace in and from the territories.

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