Recognition, Redistribution and Popular Participation: Towards an Integrative Judicial Policy

4 Report Preparatory Activity Seminars Justice Forum

August 16st, 2015

7 August

Fourth prep activity

Gathered to consolidate the Seminar Project “Justice Reform in Brazil: A Decade of Challenges and Achievements from a Latin American Perspective”, the Forum Justice team launched the symbolic launch of the Seminar website, which condenses information regarding the objectives, programming and job call. Thus began a new phase in the organization of the event, which starts to send invitations, assess the physical space and build the methodology of the tables and working groups.

At the same time, the new, more modern, trilingual website, Justice Forum, was launched with new tools for publishing images and videos, as well as a new layout. Transposition of the old to the new site has required the production of unpublished content and the readjustment of previous content. Similarly, the layout undergoes continuous refinement to reach the desired stage.

It was also debated the possibility of postponing the deadline for submission of papers to the seminar, so as to ensure greater dissemination of the notice and the participation of more researchers. In this sense, research groups and collaborating teachers were mapped to assist in the dissemination.