Recognition, Redistribution and Popular Participation: Towards an Integrative Judicial Policy


August 16st, 2015

Forum Justice August

Gifts: Clara Silveira, Julio Alt, Marcelo Azambuja, Régis Lisbôa and Rodrigo de Medeiros


The morning call on September 12 in Sári was removed to make the planning. Julio will see the possibility of the place, Marcelo will be responsible for facilitating the planning and Rodrigo will make an invitation letter for the planning. Clara and Rodrigo will speak at the opening of planning, sharing the experiences of the Justice Forum in Ceará and Rio de Janeiro.

Conversation Wheels

Two conversation wheels will be proposed to be held with SAJU, at UFRGS and 3 conversation wheels at IDC, respectively: Housing and Justice; Gender and Justice; Prison and Justice; Childhood and Justice; and Music, Poetry and Justice. We will invite Saju, Themis- Gender and Justice, Access- Citizenship and Human Rights, a member of the OAB-RS Child and Adolescent Commission and the Rule of Law, to facilitate the moments, according to the theme of each wheel.

Rodrigo will talk to Prof. Rafael Werner of the IDC Faculty of Philosophy and Régis with Saju on these proposals.

Act of solidarity with Curuguaty

The proposal is to hold the Latin American Committee, involving the Catharsis Collective. We want to play the video “Disassembling Curuguaty”, and then hold a debate on the conflict and the trial, in order to present a solidarity document for signatures and sending to the Embassy of Paraguay. The date code taken was September 17. Julius was responsible for the contacts.

Reached by Guaíba Bridge

Julio gave the report on the meeting at the Federal Public Defender's Office and the referrals made. Reported of the next meeting on 02 next September in the Public Defender's Office, 14 hours. It was indicative that after the 02 / 09 day, the Justice Forum hold meeting with the representatives of the affected communities in the Islands.