Recognition, Redistribution and Popular Participation: Towards an Integrative Judicial Policy


September 30th, 2018

Present: Carmen Guardiola (Resumption Old Plow), Renato Barcelo (Collective City We Want), Julio Alt (Access) and Rodrigo de Medeiros (RENAP)

1 - What Justice do we want?

Renato gave the report about the seminar that took place earlier this month in Brasilia. The Justice Forum will seek to pull this campaign. The indicative for launching this mobilization and campaign on December 10 (International Human Rights Day) was removed. In the meantime, we will seek to call partnerships to join this construction, being responsible for the following invitations:

AL and CRDH DH Commission - Julius

Unions and Associations of Servants of Justice System Institutions, CCQQ, M3D- Renato

AJD, RENAP and Master in HD from UniRitter- Rodrigo

The possibility of building a popular court for next year will also be discussed.

2 - Grilagem Bill.

Julio gave an account of the debate with Prof. Sergio Sauer of UNB, in the Legislative Assembly, attended by about 100 people. The meeting with representatives of the segments of the housing, indigenous, quilombola and landless movements is indicative for 13 and 14 in November.

3 - New Guaíba Bridge.

October 01, CDES, Justice Forum, ACCESS and Renap, together with representatives of the impacted communities, will deliver document to CJUSCON in the Federal Court.


Launch of the Articulation for the preservation of the Integrity of Beings and Biodiversity for 23 November, in Capão do Leão. Articulation motivated by the death of bees due to the use of pesticides and therefore critical to the model imposed by agribusiness. Renato gave the report of the meeting that took place with the attorneys acting on the environmental issue of the Federal Public Prosecution Service.

5 - Resumption Guarani Mbya.

Carmen brought the report on the state court case, in which the surrogate judge unusually did not recognize the jurisdiction of the federal court; granted the repossession of the company against the Guarani, based on the already outdated debate on timeframe; and gave no charge to the Attorney of the Republic accompanying the action. Fortunately, MPF has obtained suspensive effect on its appeal. The Justice Forum, together with other entities will produce a note of concern about these irregularities that occurred within the State Justice, to the detriment of indigenous rights.

The next meeting will be 26 / 10, 15 hours, again at COCEARGS.