Recognition, Redistribution and Popular Participation: Towards an Integrative Judicial Policy

Justice-RS Forum meeting debates indigenous issue and agrarian conflicts

August 26st, 2018

28 August

The Justice Forum in Rio Grande do Sul met this 24 August 2018 day at COCEARGS, in Porto Algre-RS. Present were: Danni Cazarotto (Landless Rural Workers Movement - MST), Lucimar Siqueira (Collective City We Want - POA), Renato Barcelos (Brazilian Association of Jurists for Democracy - ABJD), Rodrigo de Medeiros (National Network of Lawyers and Lawyers) Populares (RENAP) and Sandro Luckmann (Indigenous Peoples Mission Council- COMIN). At the opportunity, the following guidelines were discussed:

Damage to the Indians of Rio Grande do Sul by the Military Dictatorship: Sandro brought a series of documents of the time and news. Rodrigo informed about the collection of testimonies and the experience of the Federal Public Prosecution Service to repair the damage suffered by the Krenak in Minas Gerais. Continue to collect material information for more effective action by public institutions;
Resumption of Guarni Mbya at Ponta do Arado in Belém Novo (Porto Algre-RS): Lucimar reported on the current situation. The Justice Forum will be added in the next steps of solidarity with the resumption.
Articulation for the Preservation of Beings and Biodiversity - APIS: Renato informed about this articulation that deals with the bees affected by the pesticide, by the agribusiness production model. November 23 will be the launch of this joint, at 10 hours, in the Terras Baixas-ETB Station Auditorium, University Campus in Capão do Leão-RS.
Grilagem Law (Law 13.465 / 2017). Lucimar brought the account of the debate that is taking place in Porto Algre about the law. Rodrigo gave the report about Sergio Sauer's coming from UNB to Porto Alegre and the activity that will be organized in September.
Construction of the new Guaíba Bridge: Rodrigo gave the report on the Public Hearing held by the Federal Public Ministry and the situation of violation of families. Rodrigo and Renato will act together with CDES and AVESOL in the next referrals that will be taken.
The next meeting of the Justice Forum in Rio Grande do Sul will be 28 September, 15 hours, again at COCEARGS.