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Public Hearing Clarifies Selection Criteria and Attributions of DPRJ's First External Ombudsman

Public Hearing Clarifies Selection Criteria and Attributions of DPRJ's First External Ombudsman

Representatives of civil entities and social movements attended this Friday (14) the public hearing that clarified important points about the choice of the first external ombudsman in the Public Defender's Office of Rio de Janeiro. Entities such as Favela Pastoral, Institute for the Study of Religion (Iser); Viva Rio and Forum Justice were present, ratifying the relevance of the process in the construction of an increasingly democratic and citizen entity.

Members of the Superior Council of the Ombudsman, such as Defender General André Castro himself, the 2º Deputy Defender General Rodrigo Pacheco, and Adperj President Maria Carmem Sá, clarified issues such as the composition of the triple list, the requirements that the candidate must have to sign up, the functioning of the Ombudsman and the role of the ombudsman.

Rapporteur of the matter at the DPGE Superior Council, defender Leandro Moretti outlined the rules for the election. He clarified that candidates need not sit on state rights councils, but that the electoral college will necessarily be made up of members of these entities.

It is from the electoral college that the three list to be submitted to the High Council on 9 in October will come out. All three names will have curriculum and management projects evaluated by the counselors and the right to speak for up to 15 minutes. The elected shall be appointed by the defender and will take office immediately.

The public hearing was attended by the president of the National College of the General Ombudsman's Office of the Public Defender's Office and also an external ombudsman of the São Paulo Defender's Office, Aldeiron Pereira da Costa, who stressed the constructive nature of the Ombudsman's office in defining policies that improve the service provided. to the user.

- The ombudsman is not an enemy, but plays a critical role in helping. When there is an external ombudsman in the Defensoria do Rio, the other Defensorias will open their doors - predicted. Today, defenders from 10 states and the Federal District have ombudsmen chosen by the society.

He also explained why the electoral college that will choose the triple list of nominees is made up of entities linked to state citizenship councils. "State councils are always linked to areas of law and, therefore, have affinity with the mission of the Ombudsman," he said.

Acting Ombudsman of the Defensoria, Odin Bonifácio, summed up the agency's work so far, highlighting the efforts to solve the problems presented by users. Although the state's advocates serve about 200 1,000 people a month, the number of complaints, suggestions or compliments received by the industry is approximately 600, plus those who arrive via telephone, email or even in person attendance. “We try to know the reasons for the complaints and to be loyal to the assisted, without hiding bad things,” he said.

This will also be the job of the external listener. By appointing an occupant to the position other than a public defender, the institution closes itself for any corporate bias that may exist in the exercise of its function. In addition, it opens an important channel for direct dialogue with society.

- We understand that a representative of civil society will have the necessary sensitivity to point out where the service delivery bottlenecks are. And more: from the reports presented by the user, the ombudsman can contribute to the construction of efficient public policies in areas such as health, transportation and defense of human rights -, says the defender-general, André Castro.

Adperj's president, Maria Carmen de Sá recalled that the agency is a “tool to aid the quality assessment” of the service provided by Defensoria. “The ombudsman has to be an institution partner in the search for more resources and equal treatment with other careers.”

Training Director of the Center for Legal Studies and general coordinator of the Forensic Internship, defender Adriana Britto provided a summary of popular participation in the justice system, which has one of its main mechanisms in the external ombudsman. “I'm an enthusiast of the idea that helps build a different way of doing justice.”

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