Recognition, Redistribution and Popular Participation: Towards an Integrative Judicial Policy

Justice Forum debates “Justice & Prison”

Justice Forum debates “Justice & Prison”

October 23th, 2015

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On the night of 19 in October, the Justice Forum held the “Justice & Cárcere” conversation wheel, at the IDC Cultural Development Institute, in Porto Alegra-RS. The conversation wheel was part of the X Academic Week of the IDC Faculty of Philosophy.

Facilitated the conversation wheel Carlos Frederico Barcelos Guazzelli, retired public defender, who was coordinator of the State Truth Commission (RS); Carmela Grüne, lawyer, member of the Human Rights Commission of OAB / RS and president director of the Estado de Direito newspaper; and Tiago Sansão, IDC Philosophy student and art educator.

James brought elements of Michel Foucault's “Microphysics of Power” and “Watch and Punish” to the debate. Carmela Grüne put to reflection the social value of the incarcerated person and the public agents of the justice system. In turn, Guazzelli shared various data on the Brazilian prison system, to demonstrate how much the current imprisonment policy has been ineffective.

Justice and JailThe discussion proved to be rich, with intense participation of those present. It brought a reflection on the role of the justice system in guaranteeing the dignity of people who suffer deprivation of liberty, questioning the hegemonic demand of an increasingly punitive society.