Recognition, Redistribution and Popular Participation: Towards an Integrative Judicial Policy

Memory GT Forum Forum Genre

Memory GT Forum Forum Genre

The Principle of equality between men and women, although affirmed in the Constitution of the Republic, is far from being a reality in women's daily lives. Discrimination and prejudice prevail; the lack of sufficient and adequate public policies; the lack of discussion in society about new social roles, based on equality and respect for diversity. The Gender WG intends to discuss to what extent the justice system has been a strong element in maintaining this discriminatory order of women, reproducing stereotypes and behavioral patterns that should have long been banned from our society. Being a meeting of social organizations and movements, as well as academic segments, leaders and independent activists committed to the democratic process and human rights, the Gender WG also intends to be purposeful, believing in popular participation as an element of democratization of a Justice system that has been distant and not sensitive to the reality of our sexist society.

2013 Meeting Schedule:

Every Monday of the month, from 17: 30h to 20: 00 hours, ISER: 14 / 11 (to be confirmed), 12 / 12 (to be confirmed)

18 / 7 - 1 Thematic Meeting: Unborn Status
21 / 5 - Extraordinary Meeting - Conclusion of Strategic Planning
09 / 05 - Ordinary Meeting
11 / 04 - Ordinary Meeting

27.02.2013 at 18: 00 h at ISER (Russell Street) - Gender WG meeting - Agenda: - Presentation of the analyzes and suggested referrals to the WG by Sara Gorsdorf; presentation of the GT Gender / 2012 activity report presented to the Ford Foundation; strategic planning for 2013.

2012 and 2011 Meetings and Reports:

2012 Meeting & Activity Briefings - please click here

Meeting Report - 24.11.2011 - please click here
Meeting Report - 18.11.2011 - please click here
Meeting Report - 11.11.2011 - please click here
Meeting Report - 04.11.2011 - please click here

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Its partner is the PUC Human Rights Center

Interesting Links:

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Mid-Year Review of the Women's Call Center - Ligue 180, of the Secretariat of Policies for Women of the Presidency (SPM-PR) - please click here

18 / 11 Day, 11h-14h - CEDIM
24 / 11 Day, 17h-20h - CEDIM
01 / 12 Day - Public Audience (time to be confirmed)
- ALERJ Women's Rights Commission: Administrative policies for the justice system: what justice we want for women.