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Note from Women's and Feminist Movements Against Repeal of Attendance Law for Victims of Sexual Violence

Note from Women's and Feminist Movements Against Repeal of Attendance Law for Victims of Sexual Violence




Members and Deputies,

It is urgent that they say NO to PL 5069 / 2013because its approval means a huge setback for the lives of women and girls.

With the initial objective of further increasing the criminalization of termination of pregnancy, the PL substitute now under consideration proposes to prevent pregnancy prevention in cases of rape, that is, to go back to what is today a right.

To approve this project is to be conniving with a serious injustice on the victims of sexual violence. The 1940 Penal Code had a limited definition of the crime of rape, which was enhanced with Article 2 of 12.845 Law 2013, which defines rape as "any form of sexual activity not allowed". PL 5069 / 2013 proposes the deletion of this important article and thus imposes on women and girls the need for criminal body examination to prove sexual violence.

If you approve this PL, women and girls will again be subjected to the “Via Crucis” of revictimization, state violence, so that they can “prove” the abuses and violence they have suffered.

This bill expresses, in its original proposal and its replacement, the callousness, chauvinism and legislative truculence that disregard the cruel reality of sexual violence against women and girls. In practice, important health care procedures will be denied so that victims of violence can resume their lives, such as emergency contraception and the right to legal abortion andinsurance in cases already provided for by law. What public utility would this new legislation have in addition to imposing even more suffering on women and girls?

The proposal also penalizes the health professionals who perform the service. Thus, those who (perhaps) assist in abortion cases (even provided for by law) would have a penalty ranging from 5 to 10 years in prison. A real nonsense!

This proposal is undoubtedly unconstitutional, since the dignity of the human person is the foundation of the Democratic Rule of Law. Complementarily, the right to health is guaranteed in the Federal Constitution in its entirety, so victims of violence have the right to a dignified and integral health care, and can not be denied any access to means, methods or inputs aimed at the improvement. of your health condition.

Gentlemen, Denying the treatment of cases of sexual violence and / or abortion is an omission of help and criminalizing the health professionals who provide this assistance is, once again, endangering the lives of Brazilian women..

For clarification: the banned emergency contraception (EC) method, also known as the “morning after pill”, uses concentrated, short-term hormonal compounds on the days following sexual contact. Unlike other contraceptive methods, AE has an indication reserved for special or exceptional situations, in order to prevent untimely or unwanted pregnancies, such as in cases of rape. That is, it is indicated so that the victim is not obliged to the risk and consequence of a pregnancy resulting from sexual violence.

This health care is what is called “pregnancy prophylaxis”! Therefore, it is important to clarify that pregnancy prophylaxis is not abortion.

Finally, we remind you that, only 2013, 22.914 cases of sexual violence against women have been reported. In 33,4% of cases the victims were girls from 10 to 14 years; in 33,4% of cases, girls from 15 to 19 years and; in 23,3% of cases, women from 20 to 59 years.

It is for reasons like this that PL 5069 / 2013 cannot thrive!

This is what half of this nation, Brazilian women and girls, expect from Deputies.

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