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Working meeting opens National Anti-Corruption Forum

Working meeting opens National Anti-Corruption Forum

Source: CNMP
FNCCThe Commission for the Defense of Fundamental Rights (CDDF-CNMP) held this Wednesday, 23 September, the launch and the first working meeting of the National Anti-Corruption Forum (FNCC) in an event coordinated by Councilor Fabio George Cruz da Nóbrega . Counselors Antonio Duarte, Marcelo Ferra, Otavio Brito Lopes and Fábio Stica also participated in the meeting, which took place at CNMP headquarters, in Brasília-DF.

The FNCC, constituted by means of CNMP-PRESI Ordinance No. 101 / 2015, has the mission of articulating the actions of the entire Brazilian Public Prosecution Service in preventing and repressing acts of corruption in the country. To this end, it intends to promote studies, coordinate activities and suggest policies, norms and standards to improve the performance of the MP in relation to the theme.

The forum also intends to establish a permanent and non-exclusive channel for dialogue and partnership between the Brazilian Public Prosecution Service and other public bodies and organized civil society entities that have stood out in the fight against corruption in Brazil. "The fight against corruption is a task of the highest complexity, requiring the implementation of numerous preventive and repressive actions, through the articulation between public agencies and the most diverse organizations of organized civil society," said Fábio George Cruz da Nobrega .

During the launch of the FNCC were presented the ten axes of action of the forum, elaborated after the dialogues that took place in June of this year, in Brasília-DF, at the 3º meeting of the Public Prosecution and Social Movements. The working meeting deliberated on the actions, goals, deadlines and responsible persons related to the referred work axes, which are: implementation of the transparency rules of the Government; satisfactory structuring of internal control; conducting awareness campaigns against corruption; training of civil society for the exercise of social control; proposing important legislative measures; development of educational projects against corruption; conducting research to increase knowledge about the phenomenon of corruption in the country; expansion of democratization / partnership mechanisms within the Public Prosecution Service structure; security of activists and members working to address corruption; and strengthening existing state partnerships (FOCCO, MARCCO and Control Network) and developing national articulation mechanisms.

With the purpose of integrating the work to be carried out within the scope of the FNCC and contributing to the discussions and actions to be developed, the meeting was attended by members of the different branches and units of the Brazilian Public Prosecution Service, as well as representatives of several partner public agencies and some the most important social control entities operating in the country.

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CDDF launches National Anti-Corruption Forum on Wednesday

Photo: Sérgio Almeida (Ascom / CNMP).

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