Recognition, Redistribution and Popular Participation: Towards an Integrative Judicial Policy

We Are Many, Multiple and Mixed!

We Are Many, Multiple and Mixed!


This November, the Center for the Defense of Women's Rights (Nudem) of the Public Defender's Office of the State of Rio de Janeiro celebrates 18 years and to celebrate its anniversary we will promote the seminar “We Are Many, Multiple and Mixed”.

The event takes place on November 12 and 13 and has the participation of several experts in the area in its programming (check below!)

Entries can be made via, but they are not mandatory, meaning who arrives on time will enter! In addition, the activity will be worth 8 OAB-certified internship hours for participating rights students!

Here we go? Invite friends and friends!
This debate is our responsibility!


November 12

18 hours: Opening of the seminar “We are Many, Multiple and Mixed” with the presence of the discussants:

- André Castro, General Public Defender of Rio de Janeiro;
- Arlanza Rebello - Public Defender and Coordinator of Nudem (Center for the Defense of Women's Rights);
- Leila Linhares Barsted - Lawyer and Executive Coordinator of CEPIA (Citizenship, Study, Research, Information and Action);
- Rosiane Rodrigues - Anthropologist, Journalist and Writer.

November 13

9 Hours: Welcome Breakfast

9h30 at 12h30: Chat “Looking Over the Free Body” with participants:

- Maria Aparecida de Assis Patroclo - Physician, Professor and Coordinator of the Hospital Surveillance Nucleus of Gaffrée University Hospital / UNIRIO;
- Clara Araujo - Sociologist, Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Social Sciences and vice-coordinator of the Center for Studies on Contemporary Inequalities and Gender Relations - Nuderg / UERJ;
- Cristiane Brandão - Professor at the National Faculty of Law / UFRJ and Coordinator of the Gender Violence Group;
- Maria Aglaé Tedesco Vilardo - Judge of the 15ª Family Court of the TJ-RJ and PhD in Bioethics, Applied Ethics and Collective Health (in association with UERJ, UFRJ, UFF and FRIOCRUZ);
- Saney Souza - Social Educator and member of the Women's Popular Committee of the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro

The mediation will be from public defenders Flávia Nascimento and Judith Régis.

12h30 at 13h30 - Range

13h30 at 17h: Chat “The Free Body Experience” with participants:

- Alessandra Ramos - Transrevolution Coordinator of Pela Vidda-RJ Group and adviser to the mandate of Federal Deputy Jean Wyllys;
- Gislene Santos - Geographer, Professor and Coordinator of the Population Study Group - Gepop / UFRJ;
- Maíra Libertad Soligo Takemoto - Obstetric Nurse, Home Midwife and member of the Midwives Collective;
- Mariana Gomes - PhD Student in Social Sciences at PUC-Rio and Master in Culture and Territorialities / UFF (dissertation “My pussy is power: female representation through funk”);
- Miriam Ventura - Lawyer and Professor at the Institute of Studies in Public Health - IESC / UFRJ

The mediation will be from public defenders Karine Vasconcellos and Lívia Cásseres.

17 hours: Closing.